Zip Code City County State StateFips CountyFips Latitude Longitude GMT DST
99925 Klawock Prince Of Wales Hyder AK 02 198 55.549794 -132.967550 9 Y
99926 Metlakatla Prince Of Wales Hyder AK 02 198 55.145032 -131.543885 9 Y
99927 Point Baker Prince Of Wales Hyder AK 02 198 56.151318 -133.348994 9 Y
99928 Ward Cove Ketchikan Gateway AK 02 130 55.410400 -131.723700 9 Y
99929 Wrangell Wrangell AK 02 275 56.179952 -132.030401 9 Y
99950 Ketchikan Ketchikan Gateway AK 02 130 55.815857 -132.979850 9 Y
Total records: 42036

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